Some People Might Need a Permit Before Spraying On Fragrance {The 5th Sense in the News}


Two topics in the press call attention to the recurring problem of perfume experienced as a health hazard. The first one about teenagers overspraying their AXE body products at school to the point of making their class mates ill does not necessarily say that AXE fragrances are bad but certainly that the delivery system invites excess in youngins unschooled in the art of spraying fragrance with the requisite level of moderation. Just like for guns, it's not because they can shoot that you ought to play mindlessly with them...

Yet it's true that AXE advertizing encourages the lavish gesture. Although humorous their ad campaigns can be taken too literally by tweens. A critic on You Tube pans AXE body sprays for the main reason that they have replaced a good shower for some. Yes, that is correct, users are confusing spraying with showering.

No wonder then that, "Eight students were hospitalized, and two others were taken to their own doctors, after someone released the especially pungent body spray in a sixth grade classroom at 1 p.m."

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In the second article at hand, the issue which is addressed is multiple chemical sensitiivty, a diagnosis which is still considered not rigorous enough. A hypothesis is that we live in environments in which we overload on chemicals, which are found everywhere in the air, water, habitat, food, and more, and that a so-called fragrance allergy could be triggered by having attained a threshold of intolerance. The paper also implicity offers a solution which is to learn how to detoxify regularly, which is not an ingrained habit due to lack of education. 

The result is that Lake Washington Christian Church in Texas decided to inaugurate "fragrance-free zones" as the faithful in their Sunday best usually involves over application of perfume. Here again, it seems, we could learn to be more discreet with scent. The "fog" they mention makes you think of how sometimes overenthusiastic perfume wearers, or perfume lovers who are overly used to their signature scent to the point of suffering from circumstancial anosmia can seem to walk surrounded by a thick and callous cloud of perfume. 

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Shakespeare famously wrote about "invisible perfumes" yet today they are the very visible targets of public discontent when one could argue that we live in a much more indistinct chemical soup.  Of course, perfume can trigger negative physiological reactions, which are incidentally not just associated with chemicals, like in cases of nausea experienced due to too strong a sensory stimulation. 

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