Bath & Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum (2013) {New Perfume}


Bath & Body Works have launched a new flanker fragrance in their more upscale collection Signature Collection Forever Red with Forever Red Vanilla Rum, a perfume which offers an overdose of the vanilla-rum accord found in the original Forever Red...

And now, it sounds like the perfumers got cosy with the flavoring department. They didn't say egg nog but this is what it sounds like for this limited-edition gourmand floriental for the holidays season, only spiked with charcoal-y fruity-floral notes of black lilies and blackcurrant.

"Experience the ultimate in luxury with our most decadent dose of addictive vanilla rum. Indulge in the extravagance of rare liqueur wrapped in mesmerizing black lilies and laced with luxurious créme de cassis with our limited edition fragrance!"

Price: $45 for 74 ml of eau de toilette. 

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