Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women (2014) {New Perfume}


Burberry will follow up on their previous masculine introduction of Burberry Brit Rhythm with its feminine counterpart which is named the same except it's dedicated to women, Brit Rhythm for Women. To continue weaving the theme of Britishness, the composition centers on Kent lavender, which is seen as a creative move to make adding it to the signature of a women's perfume... 

The fragrance was composed by perfumers Nathalie Cetto and Antoine Maisondieu of Givaudan.

Nose Nathalie Cetto explained,  "We are very proud — this is the first feminine fragrance created around lavender. English lavender is more aromatic [than French], and it was important for us to have an English ingredient,"

Lavender has a history of being perceived as an "unisex" note, starting with Jicky by Guerlain, or as a gender-bending one for its association with the fougère genre. What the perfumer is saying, as we understand it, is that although a perfume like, say Jicky by Guerlain, might be worn primarily by women today, its intention was not to be exclusively feminine originally. It is therefore the intentionality behind the creative process as described by Cetto that is arguably and relatively speaking more original although there have been quite a few feminine lavender perfumes before it. 

The eau de toilette opens with English lavender, pink peppercorn and neroli going into a fruity heart of orris absolute, blackberry leaves and orange flowers. In the drydown we have vetiver, musk and vibrant woods.

Via The Sun Daily

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