{New Fragrance}: Atelier Cologne Cédrat Enivrant (2013)


French alternative fragrance house Atelier Cologne will launch a new Cologne Absolue this month called Cédrat Enivrant, or "Intoxicating Citron" (Citrus Medica). It is based on one of the most appealing citrus scents of perfumery and confectionary, one which is subtly and richly fruity...

The essential oil is reportedly hard to source in its pure form and often an accord of sweet orange, lemon, bergamot and Terpenes is substituted. In this case, the house mentions that the raw material is imported from Morocco, which traditionally cultivates the fruit in the Atlas region. It is considered to be of the finest quality due to the antiquity of the cultivar, its sheer quality, and the attentive know-how needed for the fruits to thrive. In September 2013, the Israeli government decided to import Moroccan Citron to serve the religious needs of the Sepharadic community in particular as Citron or Etrog has ritualistic use during Succot. 

As a fitting ingredient for an Eau de Cologne (cf. Guerlain Eau de Fleurs de Cédrat; Parfums de Nicolaï Cédrat Eau de Cologne) it is a raw material that would be of interest to a perfume house which bases its reputation on re-working the genre. They are also attempting to replicate the success of one of their most popular perfumes, Orange Sanguine. 

"Cédrat Enivrant is a return to what Atelier Cologne has become known for and an homage to Orange Sanguine. A bright citrus Cologne Absolue, highly concentrated for a long lasting sillage."

There is also the nostalgic story of a gang of friends reuniting, which comes with the new composition,

As the sun set on the beach, they were all together again. Full of emotions, they could not stop talking. Had it really been so long? They shared many memories and another round of French 75s with laughter and tears in their eyes. No one wanted the night to end. As the sun rose, it was a sparkling moment of absolute friendship.”

Top notes : Moroccan cédrat, Lime from Mexico, Bergamot from Calabria
Heart notes : Mint from China, Basilic from Egypt, Juniper berries from Macedonia
Base notes : Tonka bean from Brazil, Vetiver from Haiti, Elemi from Philippines
$110 for 100 ml. 

Via Etiket.ca 
Another alternative fragrance brand, Arquiste, proposed a citron-centric composition in 2011 inspired by the scents of Succot called L'Etrog.

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