Christian Lacroix + Welton London Create Scented Candles (2013) {New Perfumes} {Home Fragrance}

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French fashion designer Christian Lacroix has partnered with Welton London to launch two collections of trios of scented candles, one inspired by the Alpes region, the other more southerly, by Sevilla...

True to his Provençal roots and core source of inspiration, the fashion designer has tapped into his olfactive memories of the south of France and neighboring country, Spain. 

The Alpine collection comes in patterned white biscuit jars


At the gates of the Alpilles, an orchard of fig and lemon trees... 
The sage, the rosemary and the ginger evoke an Arlesien market.
The amber, the sandalwood and the cypress trees as memories of the abbey of Montmajour.
The Andalusian collection was poured into transparent glass jars patterned with a paseo motif.
Jardin Andalou
Citrus, lavender, and violet, are the sweet fragrances for a siesta in the heat of an andalusian garden.
Fleurs de Séville
Rose, eglantine and orange blossom - subtle perfumes of the beautiful ladies from Seville.
Nuit Gitane
Leather, jasmine and carnation are like a flamenco dance in the dark of the gypsy night.
Price: 50€ for 50 h.
Weight : 220 g H : 10 cm Ø : 7.2 cm

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