French Rapper Booba is Working on a Line of Perfumes called Ünkut {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}


Celebrity-perfume culture might take a better hold of conservative-leaning French culture after rapper Booba launches his debut perfume to be called Ünkut. It is named after his line of streetwear fashion created in  2004. The French rapper does not just rap, he is also a savvy businessman and US magazine People with Money have named him the highest-earning rapper in 2013, over 50 Cent, with his 58 million Euros grossed between November 2012 and November 2013...

While the singer raps in French, he is actually based in Miami, Florida and has no intention of going back to living in France where he feels both appreciated by the public and misunderstood by the cultural guard, with few exceptions.

He stresses in an interview given to Glamour France how France is more oriented towards literature and poetry than music while racism is an obstacle to talent, contrary to the music business in the US where the only color that matters is "green", i.e., none. Or maybe that's the color of money. 

It makes better sense then to see that this upcoming celebrity perfume line is really going to hail from the US where the phenomenon is much more in keeping with mainstream culture. The rapper considers himself to be more of an entrepreneur than a musician at the core, and more attached to hip hop culture than to its music.

His lyrics while raw and "uncut" are actually quite sophisticated and elaborate underneath the varnish of impropriety. 


Booba announced the news on his Intagram account. Before that he had hinted at a desirable fragrance deal with l'Oréal in his song Gangster where after saying that "I am the noise and the smell" he had added "I want to make Ünkut fragrances, I'm looking for a deal with l'Oréal,"


"Sur scène ou dans la street, je suis à la hauteur

Tueur né, j'suis le lleur-mé

Fuck être avocat fuck être un docteur

Je fus dealeur et voleur, je suis le bruit et l'odeur

Grosse bagnole mental espagnol, force et honneur

Ils apprécient mes poèmes, demande à Benjamin Biolay

Tignasse dans la paume, swagg bonobo je les fait miauler

Tellement de Gent-ar je suis plus noir je deviens violet

Plié meurt de faim gue-flin Audemars Piguet

Weshh je suis là à frimer, t'es là à filmer

Demande à Mokobé : Les jaloux vont grir-mai

Je veux faire des parfums Ünkut, je cherche un deal avec L'Oréal

Je suis loin dans le futur Morray je roule en DeLorean"

Via Media Mass; rap genius; Melty Style

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