Jean-Charles Brosseau Fleurs d'Ombre Nymphéa (2013) {New Perfume}


Jean-Charles Brosseau have added a new perfume to the Fleurs d'Ombre collection with Nymphéa. It follows up on Ombre Bleue, Violette-Menthe, Jasmin-Lilas, Rose, and Bergamote. The composition is signed by perfumer Thomas Fontaine...

The perfume has head notes of bergamot and pink peppercorn with a heart showcasing an accord of wisteria, water lilies and jasmine while the base rests upon sandalwood, raspberry and musks. 

French milliner Jean-Charles Brosseau, the founder of the brand, taps into a neo-romantic vein of perfumery. His debut fragrance, Ombre Rose, was a nostalgic opus inspired by Sunday lunches at his grand-mother's place. It became a hit in the United States. 

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