Korres Launch Two Spicy Fragrances for Women & Men (2013) {New Fragrances} {Green Products}


Beauty and perfume brand Korres, who take pride in being eco-conscious, have introduced two new spicy fragrances called as usual after their three main facets Velvet Orris, Violet, White Pepper for women and Mountain Pepper, Bergamot, Coriander for men...

The women's fragrance is said to be feminine, elegant, delicate, and romantic. It starts out with Bergamot, Cassis, Cranberries, White Pepper and fades into a heart of Iris, Violet, Orange Blossom while being anchored by base notes of Amber, Vegetal Musk, Patchouli. 


The men's fragrance is labeled as fresh, spicy and aromatic. It opens on top notes of Litsea Cubeba, Orange, Bergamot, Prune, Apple leading to a heart of Pepper, Rosemary, Coriander and Lavender. The base makes use of Vegetal Musk and Amber. 

The formulas are free of nitro musk, polycyclical musk, phtalate and parabens. All of their components are bio-degradable, even the synthetic ingredients in use. The only preservative used is natural as they rely on rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis). 

Price: 38€ for 50 ml of eau de toilette. 

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