Parfums Prestige Brut - The New French Advertising Campaign for a Fougère Reborn {Perfume Images & Ads} {Men's Cologne}


Mega classic men's fragrance Brut by Parfums Prestige (1964)  - originally known under the label Fabergé until 2007 when the brand was repurchased from Unilever by the eponymous jewelry house synonymous with the splendor of tsarist Russia - is newly featured in an advertising campaign signed by film director Mathieu Kassovitz (La Haine) featuring French actor Samuel Le Bihan (Brotherhood of the Wolf).

The new TV commercial featuring the mass-market staple, which was preceded by a teaser earlier this fall, glamorizes the reference fougère... 

The advertising argument is that the perfume is so good, it is beyond the power of descriptive, or evocative words to translate its essence adequately. The cologne is, in and of itself, its own advertisement. 

You can watch the teaser: "Samuel Le Bihan ne suivra pas le script" / Samuel Le Bihan won't follow the script,

Then, from November 25, 2013, the official TV commercial was released explaining the thoughts of the title actor on the topic of Brut - there is actually nothing that needs to be said about the fragrance. "Everything is there" or "that's what matters". it is "naturally irresistible" as the tag line goes.

This is a good way in our book to call attention to the fact that many mass-market fragrances can smell rare and precious despite their ubiquitous character and low price-tags. Although, more officially we were made to understand that it reflects a genuine marketing effort at conveying a more up-market and prestigious image for the perfume, admittedly a competitor to Old Spice in terms of popularity and iconicity.

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