Jean Patou Héritage Chaldée, Eau de Patou, Patou pour Homme (2013) {New Perfumes}


Jean Patou have started to relaunch a series of perfumes culled from the vault in a new archival collection baptized Héritage. The relaunch is inaugurated with Chaldée (1927), Eau de Patou (1976) and Patou pour Homme (1980)...

Chaldée was originally a fine fragrance take on a suntan oil. The composition is said to be both luminous and ambery with notes of opoponax, tonka bean, narcissus, lilac, jasmine and orange blossom. 

Eau de Patou is or was a very citrusy sports fragrance for women with a marked spicy, black-peppery edge. It includes notes of ylang, lavender, honeysuckle, orange, lemon, musks. 

patou_jean_dandy_couturier.jpg Patou pour Homme was first meant to be an homage to founder and couturier-dandy figure Jean Patou as the first masculine fragrance of the house. It features a bouquet of jasmine and rose together with lavender, violet, patchouli, leather, incense and ambregris.

The choice of these three fragrances is not justified by the brand. One can see that the two feminines lean in the direction of being summery perfumes. 

The flacons are reminiscent of the shape of the bottles used for a previous miniature re-edition of the whole Patou portfolio with JEAN PATOU MA COLLECTION PARFUMS DEPOQUE 1925-1964. 

Picture from Jean Patou, A Fashionable Life

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