Canvas & Concrete Fragrance Primers Keep the Scent Honest {Fragrance News} {Beauty Notes}


New York-based label Canvas & Concrete launched an innovative concept last year in 2013, which is to propose scentless sprayable formulas which have been studied to be used as primers for fragrances taking inspiration from the makeup aisles...

A common complaint of fragrance wearers is how a perfume can "turn" on one's skin depending on chemistry ending up smelling altogether different from how it was perceived on a paper strip or on someone else. Another recrimination is to find that perfumes are not lasting enough. 

Enter Canvas Fragrance Primer for women and Concrete Fragrance Primer for men, each described as "an all-natural, scent free base that keeps your fragrance true and lasting as long as you."

They provide a protective barrier between the skin and the perfume which remains on top of the solution you sprayed on first. 

The brand promise that your perfume will last three times longer than usual; won't mix with your natural body odor; and will save a good quantity of perfume as less is needed in this case.

This looks like an interesting option to explore although you might argue that it is precisely the chemical reaction of a perfume on your skin that makes it come alive and even sometimes make it smell better than expected. 

This is certainly one more beauty tool to test and perhaps add to your arsenal.

Price: $19,50 for 100 ml.  Available at

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