Loewe Just Launched Luxurious Collection of 8 Fragrances Un Paseo por Madrid (2013) {New Perfumes}


Spanish fashion label Loewe just introduced a new collection of 8 perfumes in December of 2013 baptized Un Paseo por Madrid. It is dedicated to the urban beauty of Madrid in eight different moods and strolls taken through various parts of the capital city, each inspiring a perfume...


The result is seemingly on a more strategic level, a foray into niche perfumery as it looks like the setting-up of an exclusive library like Chanel and Dior have done before in the past few years with Les Exclusifs and La Collection Couturier-Parfumeur.

The new opuses are called El cielo sobre la Plaza de Oriente, Un balcon sobre el Paseo del Prado, Atardecer en los Jardines del Buen Retiro, Opera en el Teatro Real, Tras la tormenta en el Jardin Botanico, La tardes de Capricho, Amanece la bella Cibeles, En el 8 de Gran Via.

El cielo sobre la Plaza de Oriente has notes of madarin, neroli, jasmine, incense.

Un balcon sobre el Paseo del Prado features notes rose, ylang, amber, cashmere wood, and saffron.

Atardecer en los Jardines del Buen Retiro showcases notes of bergamot, rose, cedar wood, oud, and tonka bean. 


Opera en el Teatro Real has notes of bergamot, jasmine petals, vanilla and Siam benzoin. 

Tras la tormenta en el Jardin Botanico has notes of rose, violet and vetiver. 

Las tardes de Capricho wafts of grapefruit, yuzu, lotus blossom, neroli, freesia, gardenia and sandalwood. 

Amanece la bella Cibeles features notes of jasmine, iris, rose and vanilla. 

En el 8 de Gran Via - named after the 1930s boutique of the brand - is composed with chili pepper, neroli, rose and vetiver. 

In a seeming bid to overcome bleak economic reports on the state of the Spanish economy, Loewe are perhaps doing something similar to what Patou did with Joy during the Depression era, affirming optimism, luxury and pride when the mood is downcast for many. 

Each 100 ml eau de parfum is priced at 225€. 

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