Mango Lady Rebel Diamond (2014) {New Perfume}


Mango have released a new Lady Rebel chapter called Lady Rebel Diamond. This is a limited-edition for 2014. Judging from the ad copy, the perfume is intended for women with primitive inclinations...

"She is a woman like no other. She is beautiful, strong, generous, and the diamonds that she adores. 

But she always knows what she wants and how to obtain it. You can try to make her renounce her diamonds for you, but beware: she can break your heart!"

Anyway, if by this time you're not hearing a female gorilla growl in the background, this fragrance is for you. We can barely stand this painfully simplistic depiction of femininity and men-women relationships, but apparently the brand know what they're doing.

The eau de toilette opens on top notes of mandarin, grape and peach leading to a heart of red fruits, gardenia and orange blossom before resting on base notes of benzoin, patchouli and sandalwood. 

Let's hope the fragrance stinks less than the inane ad copy. 

Price: 28,50€ for 100 ml. 

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