Rochas Secret de Rochas is a Labor of Love 10 years in the Making (2014) {New Fragrance}

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Rochas are launching a new perfume for women called Secret de Rochas which they hope will be a modern masterpiece and which they consider to be a direct heiress to the classic and celebrated WWII Femme de Rochas (1943) this both in spirit and flesh,... 

 "Today, nearly 70 years after the launch of Femme, Rochas unveils a new, modern vision of Parisian femininity composed by Jean-Michel Duriez. An iconic new addition to the house’s fragrance family, Secret de Rochas is a creation of such audacious spirit and elusive elegance – and such distinct Parisian allure – that only Rochas could have created it."

In-house perfumer Jean-Michel Duriez is said to have started working on the project prior to joining the house as it reflects his personal quest to create a fragrance that would capture this myth: feminine Parisian chic. 

The fruity-floral, apricot-y note of osmanthus is a key ingredient in the composition. To keep a level of mystery to the perfume, a secret ingredient has been added to the mix - they won't tell which one except to say that it is there, that it was in Femme de Rochas too, and that it is kept under a seal of secrecy in the archives, being known to Duriez only. 

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of Rose and Green Notes, Mango, Passion Fruit and Peach opening further onto a floral and secret heart of Osmanthus, Jasmine Sambac harboring the "secret ingredient" and resting on a base comprising a Transparent Moss Accord, Patchouli, and Musky Notes. 

The shape of the flacon is meant to evoke a key hole to suggest the mysterious nature of the perfume,
"all the poetry and uniqueness of creativity lies precisely in what remains unrevealed," 
The round gift box refers to vintage Rochas perfume packaging from the 1930s-1940s. It bears a quote by perfume lover Marcel Rochas, 
“On doit respirer une femme avant même de l’avoir vue.”
“One should breathe the scent of a woman even before seeing her.”
Via press release

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  1. I'll be looking out for this one, hoping it lives up to its claims. Happy holidays, dear M-H!

  2. Interesting - well the cumin in Femme is too big to be a secret so what can it be....

    Any sign that in their recent re modelling and relaunching that Mystere might appear in some form? Pretty please???

    • I'm not privy to their plans for relaunches. Back by popular demand is always an option that can be considered though.

      It sounds like a trick of the trade - known only to Jean-Michel Duriez they specify - as far as that secret is concerned. It could be something that cannot be smelled directly but there to obtain an effect.

      One of the last times I was under the impression that there was "a secret" in a perfume was when I smelled Aquolina Pink Sugar more closely and discovered there are hidden savory and "umami" nuances which passing people don't pick up on. So it might be smelled directly, but not easily.

      Chant Wagner
  3. I wonder what the 'mystery note' will be..
    I adore Femme and bought a small vintage decant recently, I hope they retain the suede-like feel, and I hope the patchouli doesn't take over

    I've been reading through reviews on this site and am very impressed with your nose!I'm often disappointed by perfume reviews which seem to miss out notes and impressions that are very strong to me - the metallic, restrained woods of Bois des Iles for example, or the gothic and ferocious feel of Portrait of a Lady. Great stuff!

    • You know, of course I'm curious, but at the same time, I'm relinquishing curiosity because I do think that a level of mystery is necessary to perfume. Smelling both perfumes side by side may offer some glimpses into the mystery - we shall see.

      The suede-like note should be in Secret de Rochas if only thanks to the note of osmanthus which has it naturally.

      Thank you very much for your kind words. It does require both focus and relaxed receptivity at the same time, ideally, to smell a perfume more closely. It takes time - and space in your days - so it depends also on how much time you can devote to deciphering a fragrance, and how interested you are in nuances. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

      Chant Wagner
  4. Nothing can compare to the perfume Mystère de Rochas - nothing. Wish they would re-launch. :(

    • The Osmothèque fragrance conservatory in France agrees with you because they list it as a landmark patchouli.

      Chant Wagner

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