Aigner No.1 Sport (2014) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}




The fragrance branch of German luxury leather goods brand Etienne Aigner, Aigner Parfums, will launch a new men's perfume this spring called No.1 Sport, a fresh and sporty flanker to No.1 (2013)...


The label stresses how the challenges met in life can be overcome thanks to strength, self-confidence and discipline, qualities that the new scent is said to encourage in the wearer. 

The eau de toilette starts with tangy grapefruit, invigorating lemon and spicy cardamom like that moment when an athlete is in the starting blocks ready to release her or his energy, more like his here.

In the heart, you're invited to imagine that the notes are relaying the baton in the course of the development of the fragrance, with a fresh start of mint, apple and oak moss. In the base, black musk, patchouli, leather and guaic wood represent the last push on the path to victory. 

"Black musk" probably refers to the note of oud which was listed in No. 1, which would color the musk in dark tonalities. 

In keeping with the olfactory atmosphere and classic spirit of the leather goods brand, the advert prefers to show an equestrian athlete. 


Eau de Toilette, 30 ml ca. 29,50 Euro*

Eau de Toilette, 50 ml ca. 39,50 Euro*

Eau de Toilette, 100 ml ca. 55,00 Euro*

Energising Shower Gel, 150 ml ca. 9,95 Euro*

Energising Deodorant Spray, 150 ml ca. 12,95 Euro* 


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