Oriflame My Red by Demi Moore & Feature with Perfumer Vincent Schaller (2013) {New Fragrance} {Perfume Images & Ads}


Direct sales company Oriflame have a new feminine perfume which launched in the fall of 2013 called My Red by Demi Moore...

The name is an allusion to red jasmine, a key note, and to actress Demi Moore who served as inspiration to perfumer Vincent Schaller of Firmenich for his fantasy of a femme fatale.


The brand also chose to feature nose Vincent Schaller to explain the creative process behind the perfume. You can watch a presentation video below,

The fragrance is described as,

"Sexy, stunning and tantalising My Red Eau de Parfum sets hearts racing with the dazzling magnetism of elusive red jasmine and its opulent bouquet. Intensely floral, modern and audacious, this intoxicating blossom seduces with its astonishingly red facets and heady sensuality. Turn up the intensity...do it in red."

Notes are apple, bergamot and strawberry, lingonberry, frangipani, red jasmine, white freesia, vanilla and musk. 

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