Floris Amethyst By Request for Valentine's Day (2014) {New Fragrance}


London perfume house Floris have relaunched a customers' favorite called Amethyst as a tribute to Saint Valentine and lovers on their special day...

Amethyst is a fruity-floral. It is,

"A new hand-poured eau de parfum, inspired by the beautiful amethyst stone. Long associated as a symbol of love, an amethyst was supposedly worn on a gold ring by Saint Valentine embellished with a subtle engraving of cupid."

Despite the antiquarian reference, the signature of the fragrance is modern and up to date with its fruits and caramel alongside more classic florals. 

"Amethyst is a vibrant floral with a heart of jasmine and orange blossom flirting with notes of mango, passion fruit and strawberry, sweetened with a wisp of candy floss. Rich amber and vanilla embraced by a touch of cedarwood gives an enduring depth to the fragrance." 

Top notes: lemon, passion fruit, strawberry 

Heart notes: candy floss, jasmine, mango, orange blossom

Base notes: amber, cedarwood, vanilla

The By Request is a series of fragrances that the house choose to relaunch under amicable pressure from their patrons. 

The eau de parfum is priced at £139 for 100 ml.  

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