Vespa for Her & Him (2014) {New Perfumes} {Men's Cologne}


Nanni Moretti by Giorgio Lotti

A lifestyle symbol as much as a vehicle, the Vespa scooter is to have its signature fragrance from May 2014 for both men and women. Vespa for Her and Vespa for Him will be the result of the collaboration between Coty Inc. and the Piaggio Group...

"Vespa is one of Italy's most iconic brands. A symbol of Italian style, technology, creativity and elegance worldwide, Vespa is not just a scooter, but an icon. Having sold over 18 million scooters since its creation in 1946, Vespa's success is a truly unprecedented phenomenon."

Created in 1946, the Vespa has been seen on street corners and silver screens, most notoriously perhaps in Wyler's Roman Holiday featuring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Its stylish design and ease of use have allowed it to remain a popular two-wheel option. It is not completely fortuitous that it has been so often associated with glamorous figures: its stable seat and comfortable leg space mean that you can dress up and ride on a Vespa scooter all at the same time.

No information as of yet has been forthcoming about the fragrance notes or packaging although needless to say, people are not interested in smelling realistic gas fumes coming out of their favorite retro scooter. It's more about what the icon represents or can represent further in the future.

"No gasoline, no diesel, just the smell of freedom - what you smell when you ride a Vespa in the beautiful Italian countryside or along the Riviera," said Michele Scannavini, chief executive of Coty.

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