Victoria's Secret Are Not Amused {Fragrance News}


New York Daily News report about a new case of perfume copyrights infringement by Brooklyn-based company Preferred Fragrance which allegedly ripped off Victoria's Secret scents plus packaging...

The copycat perfume company which is allowed to exist due to the fuzziness of authorship rights in the fragrance industry has come under the fire of other big beauty names in the past like Prada, Estée Lauder, Clinique or Elizabeth Arden. 

This type of plagiarism is however widespread. In France, brands such as Jeanne Arthès and ID Parfums unofficially propose cheaper dupes of known designer fragrances. And while you might have an instant recognition reaction to those covert ripoffs, the legislation does not acknowledge that it amounts to an identifiable signature except when visible to the naked eye, i.e., apparent in the packaging. 

Defendants have intentionally encroached on [Victoria’s Secret’s] rights in a concerted, ongoing attempt to hijack the substantial brand awareness and goodwill associated with plaintiff’s products and to cause confusion among the buying public,” argues the suit.

The court papers also call L Brands, Victoria’s Secret’s $10 billion-a-year parent company, an “acknowledged innovator and category leader in the highly competitive personal body care and beauty product industry.”

Picture via Telegraph 

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