Bulgari Omnia Indian Garnet: More Info + Launch Video {Perfume Images & Ads}


The launch of the new Bulgari Omnia Indian Garnet was covered by the international press and local TV, the main idea being to stress how "strong" and "magic" India is as a country (and emerging market)...

In another sense, the new flanker is a return to the debut Omnia femme which goes quite a bit in the direction of Indian chai. 

Fragrance notes are: Sicilian mandarin and orange,Osmanthus flowers, seductive amber.

If this promotional news film is supposed to rouse enthusiasm for the new fragrance, it's hard to do so when the press corps look like they are barely alive and/or jet-lagged to the bone, and/or wondering what their purpose in life is looking at the new bottle of fragrance. 

Also via DNA India

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