Kenzo Couleur Kenzo Violet (2014) {New Perfume} {Violet Notebook}


Kenzo will follow up on his debut fragrance collection launched in 2013 initially called "Couleurs Parfums", now baptized Couleur Kenzo with a new fragrance entitled Violet, the third chapter of the saga after Pink and Yellow...

It coincides with the choice by Pantone of the purple shade Radiant Orchid as being emblematic of 2014 after their own analysis of projected trends. 

Violet is signed by perfumer Jean Jacques of Takasago like the two previous fragrances in the lineup, with Rose the result of collaborative work with nose Sylvie Fisher. 

The new fruity-floral eau de parfum features notes of blackcurrant, violet, redcurrant, and redcurrant jam. 

Known for his colorful fashion, Kenzo Takada explictly seals his legacy with this library of scents . His biographer Ginnette Sainderichin wrote about the designer that,

"The mention of Kenzo immediately brings to mind an explosion of color. This extraordinary use of color was, for Kenzo, an expression of his notion of liberty -- his unexpected juxtapositions, patchworks, and prints breaking old rhythms and creating new harmonies.

Via Nice Matin; Moda Femenina

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