Biotherm Eau Fraîche is Signed by Perfumer Antoine Maisondieu (2014) {New Perfume}



When a Fresh Eau is "Signed" Not Just In Name, But Also in Olfactory Terms 


Light and fresh eaux can be thought of rather unfairly, well, lightly. Yet, they can be challenging to compose in a novel way, to distance themselves from being just twists on classical eaux de cologne. If a fresh eau is signed by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu of Givaudan, you pay closer attention to the latest scent from Biotherm called Eau Fraîche...

The composition description itself catches your eye with its promised mix of fruity, floral, fresh and spicy sensations. 

"Feel the freshness. Awaken your senses. Imagine a sensory journey in a paradisiacal lagoon...when a fragrant rain comes to relax you, to refresh you...a sensation of plenitude," And further, it is "The story of a perfect balance between femininity and Nature..."

The eau de toilette opens on top notes of bergamot, violet leaves, pear and apple followed by a floral and spicy heart of exotic Sambac jasmine contrasted with coriander and cumin - a mix of cold and hot spices - while resting on a base accord of cedarwood and musk. 

Price: 41,99€ for 100 ml. 

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