Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto L'Eclat (2014) {Perfumed Hasty-Review}




A Flanker, Or Rather, A Joke


Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto L'Eclat: There is this huge quote taken from Aquolina Pink Sugar making up most of the body of the perfume, topped here with nondescript citruses - because the perfume is supposed to sparkle hence its name, and it's summer - with a recall in the base of the signature gourmand-y woods of Manifesto... 

This is a seriously lazy composition meant for those who are easily blinded by logos, brands and celebrities.

It is as distressing as seeing someone put a frozen meal as rectangular and dumb-sounding as a brick in the middle of a pretend homemade pie, carefully folding the dough and topping the crust with egg yolk for sparkle.

It's nothing more and nothing less. It's food but it feels fake and pretentious. It's a pie concerned about keeping up appearances.

Manisfesto L'Eclat is called a perfume, but it's really a pretend composition. It never comes together either to finally simply smell good on skin. It tries to impress and then is too tired to pretend for long. 

This really is a manifesto for not caring about how good your perfume is or could be. 

You can read more about the original announcement here

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