Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess 2014 Body Splash (New Fragrance}



A New Beauty Gesture & Re-Balanced Scent for Bronze Goddess



Estée Lauder have released their summery and yearly Bronze Goddess fragrance and makeup collection like each year since 2008. In 2014, there is a new perfume twist, with the addition of the Bronze Goddess Body Splash, which is said to smell different and is presented like a flanker...

The Body Splash, which is contained in a large 240 ml bottle, is said to be an even more "refreshing, yet long-lasting impression" of the original Bronze Goddess Eau Fraîche. 

The brand explain that the new composition "modifies the proportion and balance" of the SkinScent while at the same time keeping all of the fragrance notes of the matrix perfume. It's reportedly aiming to be a new olfactive experience, re-balancing the jus so that the hesperidic notes are highlighted with sparkling bergamot, mandarin and lemon. The white floral bouquet has been made to feel sheerer, more dewy and wet. The creamy drydown now is described as a sensual and warm veil of a scent. 

You're invited to splash on the perfume with abandon. 

This is a limited-edition. Price is $78 for 240 ml. 

Via press release 

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