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KFC have launched an unlikely limited-edition fried chicken corsage to ring in prom season. Issued at 100 copies it aims to be a creative promotional effort for the chain thanks to the marrying of two opposites: deep-fried, batter-slapped-on chicken with teenage romance, with the further help of baby breaths embellishment, in a tongue-in-cheek pairing captured on film...

The New Flavor of Young Love

The commercial features an antsy young man coming to pick his prom date at his girl's parents' house. The atmosphere, which is moonish, makes all the difference, as in a Wes Anderson movie, with silent, expressionless pauses and blank staring. The girl is taken aback until she smells the corsage and decides it smells good. 


"The corsage kits sell for $20 and come with a $5 KFC gift card so teens can select their preferred style of chicken (Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken), according to Nanz & Kraft's website, the florist company working with KFC on the promotion."

The promotion is a local one running from Louisville, Kentucky where florist Nanz & Kraft have been established since 1850 - out-of-state customers will receive silk baby breaths instead of fresh ones. 

Via Mashable; USA Today

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