Clinique Beyond Rose (2014) {New Fragrance}


American beauty and perfume label Clinique of the Estée Lauder cos., which is admittedly all about a classic vision of pharmaceutical-chic and Yankee taste for clean - although they boast of the alluring chypre Aromatics Elixir in their fragrant stables - are opening a new chapter in their history with their latest fragrance called Beyond Rose...

You don't think "Oriental" when you think of Clinique. As an Estée Lauder company however, they are following in the footsteps of their sister company, an action which surprises you a bit today, just like it did initially when Estée Lauder launched Wood Mystique back in 2011.

Beyond Rose is resolutely inspired by Arabia centering on what is described as a unique wild rose accord trailing with amber. The flacon traditional Mashrabiya motif reflects this cultural anchoring. 

The composition is said to be technically informed by the fragrance culture of the Middle East. It was designed to reveal its full personality over time rather than in the top notes, while leaving a memorable impression in its wake, one which purports to be not just physical, but psychological. 

The eau de parfum opens with White Pepper, Freesia flowers and Mate leaves seguing into a heart showcasing Rose Absolute, Rose Oil, Osmanthus and Styrax. The base rests upon Cistus Labdanum, Amber and Benzoin. 

The brand wanted to work with those lasting ingredients which are associated with both personal perfume and incense usage in the Middle East, especially for creating the sillage part. 

The perfume heritage of the Middle East has become more and more of a core source of inspiration for commercial and competitive reasons while filling a cultural gap left by European legislation on ingredients restrictions, a fact signalled initially by the rising popularity of the oud note/accord in the Western palette of ingredients of the perfumer.

Price: £110 for 100 ml. Available from May 22, 2014. 

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