Alicia Keys Named New Pop Face of Givenchy Parfums from Fall 2014 {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}


Pop singer Alicia Keys has been tapped as the new feminine face of Givenchy Parfums. She will join the likes of Audrey Hepburn, bien sûr - who has left an indelible mark on the house - but also more recently of actress Amanda Seyfried for Very Irresistible and actor Simon Baker for Gentlemen Only...

When TV series actor Simon Baker of The Mentalist was hired, we remember that a French Givenchy Parfums executive commented then that while initially he was a bit apprehensive about the prospects of entrusting the destiny of the perfume to a figure issued from pop culture, he soon came to realize when he overheard a conversation between - shall we say "normal people" - that they were far more excited about this casting than they would have been probably by a higher-brow appointment - you know, like in the case of Brad Pitt for Chanel


It looks like Givenchy are further warming up to yet another pop icon influence, i.e., the girl on fire. This is quite an adaptative evolution for a brand first founded on the image of aristocratic Hubert de Givenchy who would launch a perfume called Le De, a reference to the particle of nobility in his name. 

Alicia Keys will bring her energy, sass, pop mojo and beauty to Givenchy fragrances from September 2014 for a new women's perfume to be unveiled in the all-important season leading up to the Holidays. She told WWD that,

I’m honored to introduce the world to the newest scent by Givenchy,” Keys said, adding that “Givenchy has long been one of the world’s most iconic luxury fashion houses, and a personal favorite of mine.” 

At the same time, Givenchy are not forgetting to polish their high-profile image, having recently launched a high-end collection called L'Atelier de Givenchy (Givenchy's Workshop), an allusion to what is becoming more and more of a mythical beast: authentic artisanal luxury. 

As part of the LVMH portfolio, the brand are applying the fundamentals developed by Bernard Arnault and best illustrated by the partnerships of John Galliano at Dior or Marc Jacobs at LVMH, which have contributed to the new definition of luxury: street & pop flair plus increased costliness, in most cases. 

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