Frau Tonis Parfum No.18 Bogota Berlin Pays Homage to the City's Cultural Scene (2014) {New Fragrance}


Berlinese niche perfume house Frau Tonis Parfum est. 2010 have created a new fragrance called No. 18 Bogota Berlin, dedicated to the memory of a familiar place, now closed, which used to look like a veritable Wes Anderson movie set...

"The scent was named in honor of the much-loved Bogota Hotel, where a young Helmut Newton perfected his trade among its quirky and faded décor. The historic former Berlin townhouse and hotel has now sadly closed its doors for good, but its soul lives on through Frau Tonis' loving tribute." 

Stefanie Hanssen, the founder of the house - located at yet another historic landmark area of the city, Checkpoint Charlie - added,

"Berlin's landmark Bogota has closed after more than 100 years of history. We felt a duty to produce an extraordinary perfume in the spirit of the house,” 

No. 18 Bogota Berlin eau de parfum features notes of violets, figs, cedar wood, pepper and bergamot to form a "crisp, yet undone bouquet."

8 ML / 22.00 EUR 

15 ML / 27.00 EUR 

50 ML / 58.00 EUR 

100 ML / 88.00 EUR

Via press release 

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  1. Hello,

    the house of Frau Tonis Parfum was launched in 2010, not 1926. They sell mostly the same fragances as Harry Lehmann ( does, which was really launched in 1926. Frau Tonis Parfum just offers these fragances with a higher price and more stylish bottles. They have launched a few other scents in partnership with Galimard in France. If you want to save money, you just need to take a 30 minutes metro ride to the marvelous original shop of Harry Lehmann.

    Greetings from Berlin :-)

    • Thank you very much for these precisions. You're absolutely right, Frau Tonis Parfum is est. 2010 and it's Harry Lehmann which is est. 1926.

      If I go to Berlin, will make sure personally to visit the original shop :-)

      Chant Wagner

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