Annick Goutal Vent de Folie (2014) {New Perfume}


French niche brand Annick Goutal will launch a new, original composition entitled Vent de Folie from September 2014...


The new scent envisions " a free woman with a bit of crazy derring-do," Annick Goutal who like to self-describe themselves as "a house of Haute Parfumerie and emotion" borrow quite a bit from the traditional peans sung to femininity which are the mainstay of designer perfumery. The perfumery looks at a woman who is "sparkling, spontaneous, passionate and quirky,"


The advert shows a woman balancing on a swing above Central Park and New York City, a bit like a female King Kong, or alternatively, or combined, infamous beauty Evelyn Nesbit, The Girl on the Red Velvet Swing.

The eau de toilette composition centers for its windy effect on Hedione. Other notes include blood orange, geranium, cassis, raspberry, white musk and cedarwood bark. Sweet peas are not explicitly mentioned in this list, but were showcased at the launch. There has been a rumour going around about a future sweet pea perfume by Goutal. 



Actually, here's the part in English which does state Vent de Folie is a sweet pea perfume, 


A spot of color, a sweet pea whose petals inspire a sensation of lightness, the desire to fly. The idea grew, flourished, to eventually become a flower in the city.

Fragile and slender, it lets itself be ruffled by the wind. And its silky corolla recreates the movement of a light summer skirt.


On the gray asphalt, a young lady. Like an urban flower, she strolls around, deploying a sensuality that captures attention. Free, following her instinct, inflamed by the thrill of the city, this young woman tempts chance, transforming moments of craziness into glorious feats. Her exuberant grace spreads colored and acidulous petals in her path."




There will be 150 copies of a collectible version for the bottle decorated by Parisian street artist Nasty, who has been called upon to bring a street flair to the label. 

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  1. Are they placing Paris photos behind the swinging model for the ads in Europe?? This house is a lifetime fave...this looks a bit scary, but `geared very young` thinking brought Camille, Charlotte, and Petite Cherie to us, soooo!! Need a sample pronto! Thank you for good reporting :-)

    hotlanta linda

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