Benefit Crescent Row Always in the mood Miss Gina (2014) {New Perfume}



This Name Stinks, Possibly, A Lot

Benefit have added a flanker to one of the Crescent Row gal perfumes, the My Place or Yours Gina which now has a lighter version called Always in the mood Miss Gina. This is a first for the brand which so far have preferred to add more girl personalities rather than seek to offer a twist on a pre-existing one...

The new name conveys not a very emancipatory message of complete sexual availability and willingness and sounds borderline more like a pin-up of a fragrance for men than a perfume for women. Given the fact that the perfume targets young women in priority, you are left to wonder if this is second-degree enough or risks working as a subliminal cue. With the media reporting more and more sexual attacks on teenagers, we think this name might possibly stink. 

This concerned citizen does not think the same about a perfume like Etat Libre d'Orange Don't Get Me Wrong I Don't Swallow because the target audience has already been virtually pre-selected by the niche personality of the house. Please note also that ELO chooses to offer a goody-goody message even if completely gratuitous. 

Scent-wise, this new iteration is said to be more citrusy and summery. 

Price: 36,90€ for 30 ml of eau de toilette. 

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