Hei Poa Monoï Umuhei Elixir d'Amour (2014) {New Fragrance} {Beauty Notes - Body - Hair}


Hei Poa, the French fragrant beauty brand specializing in importing certified Polynesian Monoï oil with added natural perfume twists, have introduced Monoï Umuhei Elixir d'Amour as part of their annual limited-edition Monoï collection...

"Umu" means "aphrodisiac" and "hei" means a "crown of flowers". Natural flowers, woods and spices are worn during the day in Tahiti and macerated in oil at night afterwards to create an aphrodisiacal massage oil. 

The concoction rests on a traditional recipe to the Marquesas Islands using a technique of maceration of Ananas, Miri, Ylang Ylang, Agerate Bleue (Goatweed), Santal, tiaré, et Rea Tahiti. Additionally, rose, tonka bean, and spicy vanilla have been included. There is also Vitamin E with 96% of certified Monoï. 

Price: 17, 90€ for 200 ml.

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