Ulric de Varens Femme de Varens Sublime & Femme de Varens Sensuelle (2014) {New Fragrances}


French mass-market boutique label Ulric de Varens has issued two new fragrances for women called Femme de Varens Sublime and Femme de Varens Sensuelle...

This is a brand which can surprise you with some pretty addictive perfumes, so it's always worth a sniff. There is one in particular I still wonder if I'm perceiving it right, it's so insanely good. 

Sublime is a floral oriental with an orange blossom character. The tag line is "In order for you to be desired..."

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of mandarin and neroli leading to a heart of orange blossom and "bewitching" jasmine. The base is vanillic,  perfumed with guimauve - the ribbon-shaped marshmallow scented with orange blossom. 


Sensuelle is a musky Oriental chypre. The tag line is "In order for you to let yourself be seduced...'

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of grapefruit and licorice seguing into a "voluptuous" heart of rose and iris and resting on an "intense" base of musk and patchouli. 

Why else it's worth a sniff? Because the brand has worked and works with master-perfumers like Jean-Claude Ellena and Pierre Bourdon. 

Prices: 11,50€ for 50 ml and 14,90€ for 75 ml. 

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