Serge Lutens Releases Teaser for New Fragrance L'Incendiaire (2014) {New Fragrance} {Perfume Images & Ads}


Serge Lutens has released an elaborate "trailer", which can be considered a short movie with an experimental tone, to announce one of two of his upcoming fragrances. It is called L'Incendiaire (Pyromaniac)...

Continuing in the productive vein, for him, of anti-social manifestos, this new perfume makes symbolic reference to a fire which burns within a main character which looks a lot like Lutens, only it is his hidden form, and perhaps even his "other" self. Lutens has been delving into autobiographical and psychanalytical material for a good while now. It became particularly apparent in 2009 with Fourreau Noir: Biographies, Memories and Longing.

Like Karl Lagerfeld, Lutens has a sartorial uniform of choice and so you can recognize elements of his silhouette, yet his face and hands are covered up as an anonymous man stands in a desolate landscape and lights up a match. 

He is telling us that his ego is a divided one; it is not exactly a split personality syndrome since the "protagonist" seems perfectly lucid about the fact. 

His anger has turned into passion, we are told. 

For once, the theme of love is evoked, only to say that he felt buoyed by it and then lost it. 

Towards the end, you understand that the mask is inspired by that of an executioner. 

The conclusion is a leitmotiv for Lutens who likes to reiterate that it is up to the perfume-wearers to pass judgement (on his perfumes). He is hinting though that he may experience suffering as a result. 



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