Calvin Klein Unveil New Fragrance Campaign for Reveal {Fragrance News} {Perfume Images & Ads}



Calvin Klein are readying to launch a new major feminine fragrance this summer called Reveal. The advert has been unveiled to offer a sneak peek into the atmopshere surrounding the jus, which cloaks both actor Charlie Hunnam and model Doutzen Kroes in ombré, suggestive mystery...

As is apparent from the hastag seen on the ad poster for Reveal, the campaign is going to go all digital as well with #RevealMore. 

Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy shows his muscular back while holding Kroes - who is facing the camera - in a sensual embrace, on a skyscrappers backdrop. The ad campaign was lensed by Mert Alas + Marcus Piggot

You can now guess one of the reasons why Hunnam was offered the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie, a role he ended up turning down due to conflicting schedules. Daily Mail reveals it was not an easy decision for the actor who felt it was a heartbreaking choice to make. 

In the advert, Hunnam seems to be casting for the film though, once again as Calvin Klein probably saw an opportunity to surf on the wave of the 50 shades craze. Fans are debating anew on who the best Christian Grey could have been. 

The upcoming perfume is a feminine fragrance - insert plausibly, maybe wearable by Anastasia Steele - which appears to be both innovative and interesting from the preview materials. 

Stay tuned, more info to be published on the blog on July the 11th for an olfactory reveal. 

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