Gorilla Perfume by the Dozen from July 2014 {New Perfumes}


Gorilla Perfume, the section dedicated at Lush to guerilla perfumery cf. their hashtag #fragrancewithoutfear, will launch 12 new perfumes from July 17th...

The launch takes the form of an installation running until July 24th entitled "Death, Decay, Renewal."

The dozen new perfumes are signed by father and son Mark and Simon Constantine

Here's the invitation for those who can make it in London,

"JULY 17TH - 24TH, 2014

At The Vinyl Factory - entrance through Phonica Records, 51 Poland Street, London W1F 7LZ

We are thrilled to announce the 2014 edition of the Gorilla Gallery, at The Vinyl Factory, Soho, London from July 17th to 24th. We've been working with artists in a variety of media to present installation artwork based on a brand new range of fragrances from Gorilla perfumers Mark & Simon Constantine.

As usual, the gallery will be free to enter, and there is much, much more information to be announced - stay tuned for updates, and we look forward to seeing you there!"

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