Stella McCartney Stella, Revamped (2014) {Perfume Relaunch}


British fashion designer Stella McCartney has re-launched her eponymous fragrance Stella. Initially launched in 2003, it gets a packaging and ad-campaign makeover for its comeback...

The rose composition reportedly remains unchanged. Perfumer Jacques Cavallier was originally guided by the designer's vision, "to capture the fragility of the high summer rose when the petals are just about to fall off…. Being English, I have a love for petal-y roses," 

The eau de parfum opens on head notes of rose essence, peony flower and mandarin essence with rose absolute showcased in the heart. The base is woody and ambery. 


Model Lara Stone is the human incarnation of the fragrance. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott photographed her in both a sensual and humoristic fashion with bottles of Stella covering all the relevant parts not to be exposed to the public. It's like a softer take on the style of Terry Richardson's work which is more pornographic in its inspiration, and violent. 

McCartney said that “Stella is a celebration of women, and Lara is the perfect representation. She brings the ideas of the fragrance alive, in an honest way. She is a modern woman who is approachable and sensual at the same time,” 

Note how the portrait of Lara Stone has been photoshopped to make her look more perfectly nubile and adolescent. Even her ample bosom gets flattened as a result. It must have been a hard creative choice to make. 

Via WWD 

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