4711 Acqua Colonia Plum & Honey, Hazel & Tonka (2014) {New Fragrances}

4711_Plum_Honey.jpg 4711, house of the original "echt" Eau de Cologne have launched a duo of modern twists, Plum & Honey and Hazel & Tonka, based on the fresh concept of winter Eaux de Cologne when the genre tends to be skewed towards the summer...

Plum and Honey is evocative of a walk in nature under the plum trees while anticipating the comfort of a warm drink sweetened with honey to help you combat the winter blues. Key word is "cocooning".

4711_Hazel_Tonka.jpg Hazel and Tonka is soothing and familar like a cozy spot by the fireplace. The vision here is that of roasting hazelnuts and tonka beans over the fire while outside it's wintry and the windows are covered in icicles. Key word is "Comforting."

These are limited-editions.

Price: 19,95 for 50 ml.

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