Santa Maria Novella Cala Rossa - An Ancient Style Marine Perfume? (2014) {New Fragrance}

cala_rossa.jpg Venerable Italian niche perfume house Santa Maria Novella founded in 1612 have released a new fragrance dedicated to the island of Capraia called Cala Rossa...

The "Acqua di Colonia" - as all of their perfumes are called - open with top notes of green and rustic wild lavender, mint and eucalyptus. The heart continues to be aromatic with helichrysum, cistus and fennel. Base notes are not revealed. Instead, you are invited to contemplate the sea horizon from amongst the rocks and herbs which populate the island.

This olfactory bouquet suggests a strongly aromatic perfume with few notes to soften its sharp edges. Their Peau d'Espagne is one such uncompromising perfume. So you can rest well assured that this ancient pharmacy is not afraid of cut and dry compositions with medicinal nuances.

If the house did not include any ozonic note, then this would be a marine perfume à l'ancienne mode, as we mused once upon a time when attempting to describe what an old school marine perfume might smell like thanks to Les Fleurs du Guildo by Guerlain.

Previously, the Officina introduced Alba di Seoul in 2012, which tackled the uncommon theme of describing the Korean landscape.

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