Anna Sui La Nuit de Bohème is Oud Dream of Turkish Palaces & Moroccan Markets (2014) {New Perfume}


American fashion designer Anna Sui has launched a new fragrance for women called La Nuit de Bohème. It is seen as the nocturnal and Oriental counterpart to La Vie de Bohême (2013)...

Sui is known for her whimsical and fantasy-laden style. She's so far privileged lighter perfume textures. La Nuit de Bohème is a definite change of mood where she's worked on bringing back personal memories of Moroccan spice markets and Turkish Ottoman palaces. To do so, she's turned to one of the key notes of today's perfumery - oud.

The Eau de Toilette features top notes of Bellini lemon, midnight blackberry, Jamaican sunkissed nesberry, and wild Japanese Strawberry. The heart features Palm Beach orange blossom, purple lotus, rose petal, golden sunset oud, and hypnotic hinoki. The base notes endures with cedarwood heart fraction, Morrocan Suede, Haitian Vanilla Orchid, Indonesia patchouli fraction, and benzoin Laos Resin.

The result is a mix of Far-Eastern, Middle-Eastern and American influences in terms of fragrance notes.

Price: $46 for 30 ml and $65 for 50 ml.

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