Caron Lady Caron Gets a Makeover (2014) {Perfume Relaunch}

caron_lady_caron.jpg Caron have rebottled and reinterpreted the original composition of Lady Caron (2000) to fête their 110th anniversary, WWD reports...

The account by the house of Caron remains a bit ambiguous though as the new fragrance is said to be "based on" the original although the list of notes remains the same. It is not clear whether this is a reinterpretation or a technical reformulation dictated by necessity.

Notes are: magnolia, rose, jasmine, raspberry and peaches with an oak moss base

This fruity-chypre was inspired by the Statue of Liberty. The original bottle represents the world-famous monument.

In-house perfumer Richard Fraysse composed it.

"It is an homage to the Caron's founder Ernest Daltroff, who fled Paris and the Nazis for New York," Fraysse told WWD. "Lady Liberty was the inspiration behind Lady Caron, an elegant floral chypre with notes of magnolia, rose, jasmine and a fruity punch of raspberry and peaches."


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