Floris Amber Oud (2014) {New Fragrance}

amber_oud_Floris.jpg Floris have introduced a new perfume called Amber Oud, which is inspired in part by their archival material...

This approach to vintage / historic recreation reminds you a bit of what perfumer Nicolas de Barry did with the ambery remnants of Romantic writer George Sand's perfume locket resulting in the eponymous fragrance George Sand.

"Edward Bodenham our family 'nose' and perfumer was looking to find some letters late in 2013 when he came across on old bottle in a trunk of papers which we believe dated back to the era of Kind George V.

A strong original smell of Amber was still evident, and a little bit of searching later found that amber was used by the family in that period. Resolute to create service to this discovery he decided a heart of oud would be a perfect complement to add richness, while roses keep the fragrance fresh and through early 2013 developed the Amber Oud, a limited BY REQUEST fragrance."

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of Bergamot and Frankincense leading to a heart of Oud, Patchouli and Rose, finally coming to rest on Amber, Labdanum, Oud, Myrrh, and Vanilla.

The By Request limited edition scent is priced at £160 for 100 ml.

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