More News on Lady Gaga Eau de Gaga (2014) {New Perfume} {Celebrity Fragrance}

Eau_de_Gaga_ad_2.jpg Following up on our previous social-media fueled announcement of the upcoming Eau de Gaga, WWD have obtained further details about what the perfume is going to smell like and look like...

The ad campaign is less hallucinogenic; last time, there were little black men-cum-ants running all over a giant Gaga in reclining mode. This time, Lady Gaga is standing up and those men have grown an inch or two. Actually, now they come in full sizes except they have to bow down to her to be in the advert. In more commonplace parlance this is called "kissing butt" and in fact, there's a man who looks particularly focused on contemplating kissing Lady Gaga's butt. But just like it's not done to kiss hands in public but just to hover above, the man hovers above Lady Gaga's butt - her right cheek to be precise.

There is a hint of deconstructed, cubist styling in the ad. Since last time, Lady Gaga has managed to emerge from the rugby scrum of life. Everyone seems to be thinking hard in this pensive, posed ad which serves as shrine to Lady Gaga's magnificence. The tag line, "For the adventurous woman and the man who loves her" seems to be belied by the image which calls for "man" to be put in the plural.

So, Eau de Gaga is a woody-floral-citrus scent. It features a floral heart of white violet with notes of leather and lime. The parcimonious giving-away of notes for this fragrance only allows us to add one more perfume note since last post, the white violet accord.

The composition is signed by perfumer Ursula Wandel of Givaudan.

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  1. Hello, just learned the ad photo from the Fame Black Fluid shooting. The marketing was working on the Nude Fluid, that´s why the dress is so ...nude and fluid. Nothing to have with an Eau de Gaga, decided by the new marketing team, in a David Beckham Signature recycled bottle.
    ;) Voilà, for your personal information !

    Private information
    • Thank you - marketing is so fluid, it's scary :)

      Chant Wagner

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