Police The Sinner for Her & Him Borrow Handcuffs from 50 Shades of Grey (2014) {New Perfumes}


Fashion brand Police have released a new duo of perfumes called The Sinner for Her and The Sinner for Him, which are said to be inspired by the bestseller 50 Shades of Grey...

The Sinner for Him is a woody aromatic fougère which is "Inspired by the vices and the forbidden games described in the recent best-seller, Fifty Shades of Grey,"

"The bottle encased in a pair of handcuffs represents the maximum transgression, the object of sin, and the playful perversion that lovers choose in their most intimate moments.

The essence of The Sinner, in his evolution of nuances and strong contrasts, is the scent of sin, it is the perfect fragrance for the man who, as a serial hunter, systematically chooses his "conquests" of love to seduce and dominate.

A fragrance that generates an incredible attraction that no woman can resist.

A debut of citrus and spices that evolves in a refined and aromatic heart, to close with the woody and amber tones, creating an inviting emotional vortex."

Police_sinner_her_ad_2.jpg Likewise, The Sinner for Her is the irresistible feminine counterpart to the masculine scent featuring notes of cassis, apple, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, tonka bean, and cedarwood.

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