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Conceptual artist Catherine Young has partnered with leading fragrance company Givaudan to create a series of 8 perfumes entitled The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store (T.E.M.P.S), which is inspired by the idea that global climate is bound to disturb the aromatic profiles of familiar natural objects...

The bottled scents therefore can be perceived as futuristic remnants preserved from the past in a post-apocalyptic world. They may be mundane and pedestrian scents now but if you smell them with a long view to the future, then they can be perceived as rarities.

The Apocalypse Project offers a pedagogical approach teaching environmental awareness through the sense of smell.

Young explains, "As a designer, my intention was to show people a different side of the climate change scenario. Smell is very sensuous and visceral; its effects are instantaneous. Instead of showing statistics of what will disappear because of climate change, I decided to let people smell them. Highlighting the temporary breeds enchantment. As smell is linked to memory, I'm hoping that people will think about how their lives will be without these seemingly ordinary objects that we take for granted that might not be there anymore."

Temps_apocalypse_givaudan_2.jpg The Philippines-based artist who likes to define herself as "an artist-scientist-designer-writer-explorer working on human perception and the environment,"partnered with Givaudan and perfumer Claude Charmoille of Givaudan Singapore in particular to re-create eight of her favorite smells. The scents are called Coasts, Coffee, Honey, Wine, Eucalyptus, Peanuts, Ice, and Hardwood trees.

The fragrances are not for sale as they are artifacts which are part of an exhibition at the Mind Museum in Manila.


While on the face of it, this TEMPS series is reminiscent of fragrance libraries such as that of Demeter or CB I Hate Perfume, the way the collection wishes to invite reflection on global warming issues is completely different. This is said to be the first collection.

Outside of this conceptual frame of mind, it is worthwhile to point out that there are already perfumery ingredients that you cannot smell anymore, a phenomenon which is contemporary rather than futuristic.

The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store (T.E.M.P.S., French for time) is a perfume line set in the future when many things in nature would have disappeared as we know it because of climate change. This is the first collection that comprises eight scents.

This is a collaboration between The Apocalypse Project and Givaudan

Concept and Design
Catherine Sarah Young

Claude Charmoille of Givaudan

The Mind Museum
Maria Isabel Garcia

With thanks to
Givaudan Singapore Pte Ltd c/o Claude Charmoille for providing the fragrances
Marilyn Yao and Neri Mamburam

Graphic Design: Stephanie Faith Bautista
Photography: Nino Carandang of Shuttermaster Pro
Video and Editing: Peter Lorenz Frac of Shuttermaster Pro

Music: Calm Music - Slow and Peaceful from

Shot at Shuttermaster Pro

Via Fast CoExist; The Apocalypse Project

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