Fendi Furiosa - a Symbol of Feminine Animality (2014) {New Fragrance}

Fendi_Furiosa_bottle.jpg Italian fashion house Fendi have launched a new fragrance for women called Furiosa, a name meant to evoke a woman who is in touch with her wilder instincts and animality...

The new scent also symbolizes the crafts revolving around furs and skins at the house of Fendi, as it "captures the animal spirit of the fashion house,"

Fendi_Furiosa_ad_kino.jpg The face of the fragrance model Kasia Smutniak said,

"At the beginning, I wasn't sure the name [which means furious in Italian] really reflected who I am, but in the end, thinking about it, I can relate to it very well. I think it reflects a woman who is free, instinctive, beautiful...the kind of woman I'd like to be, and try to be,"

The flacon was carefully crafted by jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez Fendi who wanted to convey a sense of animality but also of ambiguity, creating a shape fading in and out of visions of a "tortoise shell, scarab or butterfly,"

Perfumer François Demachy of LVMH signs the Eau de Parfum. It opens up with Reunion Island pink peppercorn and Calabrian bergamot. In the heart there are absolute of Egyptian jasmine, matthiola incana (Night-Scented Stock) and gardenia flowers. The base is smoky with Somali incense, guayacan from Paraguay (Gaiac) and amber.

The launch is Italy-focused with an international rolling-out plan starting with Argentina and the Middle East.

Prices: "30-ml., 50-ml. and 100-ml. bottles, retailing respectively for 60 euros (about $82 at current exchange), 84 euros (about $115) and 116 euros (about $159)."

While at first Furiosa might seem to awaken lurking and abounding clichés about feminine hysteria, the modern-day perfume-wearing Gorgona - model Kasia Smutniak is portrayed with a Medusa-like coiffe - can be seen as an emblem of force rather than of anger as the perfume implicitly comes with an interesting function often ascribed to it, the talismanic, protective one. Rather than behaving literally like a hurt animal, you may derive strength from an animal spirit.

Via WWD; Douglas.it

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