A Beautiful Life Composition Captures the Back-to-School Atmosphere (2014) {New Fragrance}

Composition_A_Beautiful_Life_scent.jpg American independent label A Beautiful Life Est. 2002 have released a new fragrance to mark the time of back-to-school with Composition, a conceptual-cum-emotional scent...

Back-to-School is a time bursting with expectations and new romantic possibility. Summer is over, its bittersweet kiss good-bye faintly lingers as you experience the unique promise that the changing seasons bring.

The Eau de Parfum captures the back-to-school atmosphere in 4 main accords of flinty graphite, bleached white paper, crisp green apple, and soft grey woolens.

The brand hints that this is an enveloping scent magnified by the warmth of skin rather than just a curious, brainy fragrance.

Style would be derived from the personalities of co-founders husband and wife Jennifer and Tony Artur who say they like to mix their artistic sensibilities and beauty industry experience with their love of rock 'n' roll while being stimulated by the arty, bohemian community of Lambertville, N.J.

Francis Ford Coppola, Alan Rickman and Nigella Lawson are said to be among their patrons.

Price: $52 for 60 ml. Available at abeautifullife.com

$3 out of every sale are donated to The National Center for Transgender Equality at Transequality.org

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