Olfactive Studio Ombre Indigo (2014) {New Fragrance}

Olfactive_Studio_Ombre_Indigo.jpg French niche brand Olfactive Studio are introducing a new fragrance entitled Ombre Indigo this September inspired by a photography by Brazilian photographer Gustavo Pellizzon from his Encanto series (Enchantment)...

The new composition is signed by perfumer Mylène Arlan of Robertet.

Label founder Céline Verleure reportedly happened on the blue indigo photography in a gallery and asked herself what the scent of a shadow might be like.

ombre_indigo_gustavo_pellizzon.jpg "A SHADOW IS A TRAIL WHEN YOU MOVE TOWARD LIGHT.

Shadows reveal. That secret and mysterious part we all carry within ourselves, that discreet side of our most intimate or most visible gestures is a concealed truth. Shadows are elusive yet completely familiar. They precede us, follow us, surround us and protect us by allowing us to be free to be. Shadows know all about our feelings and extend them. Without shadows, there cannot be light movements. Olfactory shadow is a shining enigma. Its darkness is radiant and lively. It develops in contrasts. Its notes reinforce their cheerful and bold outlines and unite their strengths."

The answer smells of a resinous and woody tuberose.

The Eau de Parfum has top notes of petit grain, tuberose, saffron and plum leading to a heart of vetiver, papyrus, leather and incense. The base rests on benzoin, amber and musk.

Price is 85€ for 50 ml.

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