Saskia Diez Gold, Silver (2013) {New Fragrances}

Saskia_Diez_GOLD.jpg Last year in the fall of 2013, German jewelry designer Saskia Diez released two new fragrances called Gold and Silver...

Both bear the signature of perfumer Geza Schön.

Gold - Unisex leaning towards feminine

"Grasp the sun and breath the beams, become
One of the earthy tales of
Lingering love until the precious
Dust turns into aureate light"

The Eau de parfum opens on top notes of juniper, bergamot, davana and cassis followed by rose magnolia freesia, osmanthus, peach, plum and myrrh while the base rests on sandalwood, cedar, patchouly, labdanum musk, amber, moss, benzoin and castoreum.

Saskia_Diez_SILVER.jpg Silver - Unisex leaning towards masculine

"Slip into the clear stream of stories
Inhale the shimmery patterns and
Listen to the moon's
Voice whispering softly
Everything is fluent, everything is only the
Reflection of an idea"

The Eau de parfum starts with bergamot, cardamom, citruses, coriander, juniper mellowing into a heart of ginger, magnolia, jasmine, osmanthus, water, lily, iris, and violet. The dep end of the scent wafts of benzoin, styrax, labdanum, vetiver, cedar, and musk.

Price: 98€. Available only within Europe.

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