Parfums de la Bastide is New Perfume House with Debut Quintet (2014) {New Fragrances}

Parfums_Bastide.jpg A new perfume house is born in France baptized Parfums de la Bastide in reference to the architecture and social life of the south of France. Enter Eclatant, Insouciante, Exquise, Insolite, Ardent...

The label was founded by a former branding specialist William Bouheret and an ex luxury and fashion industry executive Anne-Cécile Vidal.

Their commitment goes to an emotional perfumery which is based on beautiful natural materials sourced from Grasse while they wish to re-work olfactory stereotypes from the Provence region not so much by breaking the olfactory mold as by bringing out new, refined and unexpected nuances sometimes from local materials.

They emphasize the notion of terroir by focusing on traditional aromatic ingredients which are famous specialties of the south such as the lemons from Menton, the roses from Grasse, figs from Lubéron, real lavender from Sault, and cedarwood from Bonnieux. Despite this attachment to the region, they do source from other countries with Italy being an adjacent and important geographic reference.

Perfume compositions are said to be concentrated at least at 12% with special attention given to the stages of glaçage and filtering to fine-tune the balance and subtlety of the scents while maturation won't be rushed. The two key operating words seem to be "subtle" and "singular".

Eclatant evokes a sparkling lemon. It features notes of Italian lemon, Cédrat Cœur from Italy, Basil, Verbena, Mint, Cedarwood, Rosewood.

Insouciante is inspired by that moment when rose petals have been freshly harvested. Notes are Italian mandarin zest, black pepper, pink peppercorn, Rose Absolu, Cassis Absolu, Jasmin Sambac, Sandalwood, Patchouli Fraction.

Exquise is a gourmand fig fragrance playing on the contrast of fruit and leaves. Notes include Italian mandarin zest, Fig, Cassis, fig leaves, peach leaves, Davana essence, cedarwood, Bourbon Vanille absolu.

Insolite is labeled as an unusual lavender eau fraîche. It blends Cédrat from Italy, Italian Mandarine, Violet, Bergamot from Italy, Lavande France, Lavandin France, Haitian vetiver, Tonka.

Ardent is a spicy cedarwood composition. Notes are Cardamom, Nutmeg, Cypress, Cumin, cedarwood, Cashmere wood, sandalwood.

Price: 125€ for 100 ml of Eau de Parfum.

In September 2014, the brand opened a showroom in Paris:

showroom-boutique Paris
16, rue de la Sourdière
75001 PARIS
M° Tuileries ou Pyramides

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