Stetson Caliber (2014) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}

Stetson_caliber.jpg Stetson Colognes have introduced a new fragrance for men called Caliber. It continues to weave the brand story of the modern day cowboy who is also this fast disappearing entity, a gentleman...

He still exists--the rare man of honor with a dash of true grit. It may seem old-fashioned, but recent research shows that most people think chivalry is still important today and don't you love a man that smells good?!?

The new Caliber Eau de Toilette is said to capture "the authentic style and steady confidence of the modern Stetson man" with aldehydes, sparkling citruses, lime, aromatic lavender, and a touch of black pepper in the top. In the heart, fresh, modern florals blend with red basil, nutmeg and violet leaf. The base features the sensual warmth of tonka and ambergris together with earthy oakmoss.

...but the true star is the red sequoia note. Found only in America, this fresh, woody note embodies the strength and confidence of the modern cowboy and gives the fragrance a strong, sexy masculine finish.

Price: $19 for 1 fl oz at mass outlets.

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